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Design Features:
- Material(s): SG Iron 500-7 - Design load: 400kN to EN 124. Group 4 installation area carriageway of roads (including pedestrial streets), hard shoulders and parking areas, for all types of roads vehicles (and lower groups).
- Coating: Non toxic waterbased black paint
Special Features:
- Mass: Cover: 48.7kg | Product total: 118kg
- Seating ensure non-rock stability and silence: Polyethylene cushioning insert fixed to the frame.
- Frame bearing pressure: p≤7.5N/mm²
- Surface finish: Cover: Anti-slip surface with 4L patented design.
- Securing of cover/grating within frame: Secured by locking mechanism | Cover locked to the frame by means of stainless steel free axle locking system with coded key.
- Frame type: Circular monoblock as cast.
- Cover type: C: External diameter: 750mm | The locking key is used as a handling key once the cover is unlocked. | 5 guides ensure that the cover is positioned centrally within the frame.
- Hinge: Cover block at 90° preventing accidental closure. | Identification mark: "S". | Opening angle ≥ 100°
- The cover can be removed from the 90° angle.
- Unlocking with coded key.


A versatile solution for the complex problems faced by today's engineers, contractors and network providers. Manufactured from internally designed and produced materials, this model yields superior performance over existing rigid innerduct.

Standard MaxCell is the primary product line used in common outside plant applications, including long lines, under-bridge; road, rivers and rail borings; under streets and all the way to building entrance points. In dense multiple cables and multiple MaxCell pack installations where the conduit path is not clear to surface markers, Standard MaxCell is often partnered with Detectable MaxCell so that path or service interruption points can be easily located.

Standard MaxCell is available for conduit sizes ranging from 1" to 4" and in 1-, 2- and 3-cell configurations — giving you the flexibility to choose the right product for your system and applications.

Features & Advantages:
• Melt points of 419°F — almost 2X of HDPE
• Resistant to ground chemicals and petroleum products
• Pre-lubed for lower friction during MaxCell and cable installation
• Pull tape included


The Huali series of Horizontal Directional Driller (HDD) is innovative equipment based on the advanced theory of trenchless technologies and independently developed by Huali Company. Via total hydraulic control and hydraulic drive technologies, the devices realized all actions of drilling tool, such as rotating, pushing, broaching, pullback and whole machine moving. It could be widely used in installing and renewing pipelines and cables in the fields of water, coal gas, natural gas, electricity, telecommunication to cross road, railway, river and other areas not allowed to excavate, such as crowed street, culture relics, agriculture crops and mantle vegetation protected zones.

Smart Meter Product


AMI Smart Metering System Solution
- Designed for more Accuracy, Efficiency, Features, Privacy, Security, and Visibility in electric measurement.

Adapting the AMI System will deliver major benefits like:
1. System Loss Reduction - non-technical System Loss (Unaccounted for energy, Theft / Tamper avoidance)
2. Meter Reading Automation - Remote meter reading.
3. Remote Meter Disconnected / Re-connect Services.
4. Load profiling - Collect daily information of energy usage at various intervals.
5. Alarm/Event detection (real quick to interruptions in supply, and improved crew management efficiency).
6. Time of Use / TOU metering - to influence electricity usage of customer when is the best time to used electricity (Peak/Off Peak).
7. Consumers will pay their monthly bills on time. (Consumers have learned that it can now disconnect their electricity without a site visit.)

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