Enhanced Partners

Wired Partners


Enhanced is partnered with EJ since 2005.
EJ is world leader design, manufacture, and distribution of access solutions for water, sewer, drainage, telecommunication, and utility networks worldwide.

Milliken Inc.

Enhanced is partnered with Milliken since 2007.
Milliken™ gives diverse teams. The tools client need to imagine world-changing solutions and then realized their vision. Focus on insights and innovation to develop everything from new molecules to new products.

Guilin Huali Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

Enhanced is partnered with Hanlyma since 2022.
Guilin Huali Heavy Industry Corporation Ltd is engaged in various trenchless devices, constructing and highway machines. The company has built up the modern production base in Guilin Suqiao Zone, and the production abilities gets to 8,000 sets(set) equipments a year.

Delta Networks Inc.

Enhanced is partnered with Delta since 2016.
Delta is a global provider of power and thermal management solutions. As an energy-saving solutions provider with core competencies in power electronics and automation. Delta's business categories include Power Electronics, Automation, and Infrastructure.

Arch Meter Corp.

Enhanced is partnered with Archmeter since 2019.
Arch Meter Corp., a unique company invested and in technology, supported by Prolific (IC designer) and ITRI (the largest technology research institute in Taiwan), owns key IC components and the system products.

Wireless Partners

Enhanced VSAT

Enhanced VSAT since 1999.
VSAT system provides high-speed broadband satellite communication for remote areas, unserved and underserved regions, private and government network connectivity, mobility, disaster-relief and emergency applications and more.

Hughes Network Systems, LLC

Enhanced is partnered with Hughes since 2018.
The company's fleet of High-Throughput Satellites (HTS) supports a wide range of consumer, small business, enterprise, in-flight and mobile services across two continents. JUPITER 2 / EchoStar XIX is one of the world's highest capacity satellites.

Jonsa Technologies Co., Ltd.

Enhanced is partnered with Jonsa since 2021
Jonsa has been a satellite provider antenna supplier in Taiwan. Patented RF, object-oriented design and stable raw materials, JONSA can manufacture high-quality parabolic dish that includes DTH, VSAT, WISO, Flyaway, and Maritime antenna.

EION Wireless Inc.

Enhanced is partnered with EION since 2019.
EION is a global provider of 4G Mobile WiMAX solutions, LTE solutions, and high speed broadband wireless products, EION Wireless delivers transformational end-to-end wireless solutions with scalability and network management in mind.

Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc.

Enhanced is partnered with Nisshinbo formerly NJRC since 2019.
Nisshinbo Micro Devices has provided solutions and products featuring advanced microwave technology for many years. Supporting the development of satellite communications and we are now accelerating business development in markets around the world to meet the requirements for satellite communication.

Graw Radiosondes GmbH & Co. KG

Enhanced is partnered with GRAW since 2006.
GRAW as one of the first companies to operate in the area of weather measuring technology delivering more than 50,000 radiosondes per year. Develop and manufacture Upper Air Sounding Systems. since 1938.

Leonardo S.p.A.

Enhanced is partnered with Leonardo since 2005.
The company focuses on providing customized system and turnkey solutions that reflect a deep concern for the individual customer. More than 40 years of experience, reliability and a professional approach to challenges have contributed to the company's excellent reputation among experts of the meteorological environment.

Broadcast Partners

Ningbo Topsignal Machinery & Electric Co., Ltd.

Enhanced is partnered with TopSignal since 2011.
TOPSIGNAL started to make LNB at the beginning of 2011. With the help of huge dish export quantity, LNB quantity has increased quickly. In few years, TopSignal has become one of the largest dish and LNB manufacturers in the world.

Oregan Networks Ltd.

Enhanced is partnered with Oregan since 2020.
Oregan's pedigree in development, studio certification and maintenance of traditional and OTT deployments with Tier-1 operators enables the company to address the Android TV market with a whole-system view of the project workflow.

Shenzhen Coship Electronics Co., Ltd.

Enhanced is partnered with Coship since 2017.
A specializing in R&D, manufacture and marketing of satellite/cable/terrestrial digital TV receivers, Smart iDTV, professional head-end IRDs, IPTV, OTT and cable modems.

CreNova Systems Co., Ltd.

Enhanced is partnered with CreNova since 2021.
CreNova Systems Co., LTD. is an IT based company founded in 2007 on the values of developing innovative products tailored to the customers' local and operational requirements based on a modular design that enables short development periods.

Power Partners

SD Green Energy Inc.

Enhanced is partnered with SD Green Since 2022.
SD mainly sell, install and maintain small wind power generators optimized for the environment and market. As a manufacturer of small wind power generators, SD is involved in renewable energy in general, contributing to domestic production of energy, securing of emergency power sources and protection of the natural environment.

WPP Energy GmbH

Enhanced is partnered with WPP since 2020.
WPP is a Swiss Company that over last ten years has established itself as a repository for disruptive energy and environmental technologies through exclusive global licenses. WPP seek to exclusively license, develop and own technologies to create green renewable electricity and convert waste to energy.