About Us

Enhanced E-Technology and Concurrent Solutions, Inc. is composed of smart and active minds with a passion for providing innovative technological solutions and services since 1992. The company's focus and commitment are geared towards providing efficient technological solutions and services for our partners in various business sectors. Enhanced has established itself as an industry leader in delivering quality and vital solutions by providing our clients with various Technology Systems that we offer and continue to support and maintain.

With a progressive and dynamic approach, we have successfully been able to evolve side by side with the advancement of technology, What started as a company serving the telecommunications industry has now turned into a trusted partner that develops a wide array of technological solutions that help organizations and businesses fulfill their goals and vision.

Our Mission

We commit to deliver disruptive system technology and efficient solutions in all aspects of engineering design and infrastructures.
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We are centered on providing our clients and partners the right product in order to provide them with the result we have committed to from the beginning.
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We keep up to date with what is new and what is relevant today for a brighter future ahead for us and our clients.
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We shall keep this value a way of life in order for us to keep our stability and stand strong through the changing times.
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Our satisfied customers are the reason we keep moving forward and setting standards that matter the most.